Friday 1 September 2023

Planting Reekie Linn Falls

I had the gift of visiting Reeky Linn falls in Glen Isla whilst we were south on mainland Scotland. This stunning place had an impressive amount of water flowing through it and I was drawn to plant a rose quartz Heart of Light for planting into the pool directly beneath the falls. 

These beautiful, specially programmed crystals, enhance connection to Christ Consciousness within, and bring great peace and healing to all in their wake. The planting of these crystals across the globe was begun by a former colleague of mine some twenty years ago and it is a true gift to be able to continue to contribute to her Earth healing work in this way.

Placing these crystals to flowing water always feels particularly special. For in addition to bringing peace and healing to all within the vicinity of their placement, they energy imprint the water with their transformational energies, which are then carried far beyond their place of planting.

Heart of Light planted

Reekie Linn falls
 (Thank you to Alastair Forsyth for  photo)

Looking back towards the falls
 from further downstream

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