Wednesday 13 September 2023

Apple Aura Plantings

Continuing with the planting work actioned during our recent trip south, two further apple auras, were placed to areas of woodland in Glen Isla, Scotland.  Programmed to ground the emerald green light of harmony, balance, restoration and replenishment to the Earth and her inhabitants, these stunning crystals are being planted to key trees and woodland/forest sites across the globe. 

The one shown below was placed to an amazing mother beech tree surrounded by saplings, within Loch of Lintrathen Wildlife reserve, Glen Isla. A further one was placed to the area of woodland on the banks of the river Isla near Reeky Linn Falls.

More information of how to contribute to this growing body of work can be found on the 'Aura Planting' page of this blog.

Apple aura before planting

Mother beech tree

Beech saplings

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