Wednesday 8 June 2022

Planting for Peace, Glasgow

This beautiful Rose Heart of Light, programmed to bring peace and healing to all in its wake, was placed into the river Clyde off the Tradeston Bridge, in Glasgow, on 1/06/22. This is the third of these crystals placed off different bridges along the city length of this river in recent years, and feels to complete the planting for peace in this area. 

The placement of the crystal also adds to the ever growing global network of these specially programmed rose quartz hearts across the Earth. This beautiful body of work was begun by a former colleague, Dorothy Priestly, almost twenty years ago, and has involved many individuals over the years, placing these crystals across the globe to bring about peace and healing at a planetary level.

Rose heart of Light before planting 

Site of planting from up river

Tradeston Bridge, Glasgow

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