Monday, 20 June 2022

Aura Planting Projects

It feels lovely to be marking the approach of the summer solstice 2022, here in Orkney, with finally completing the update of our Aura Planting work on the pages section of this blog. The website update will follow in the next couple of months.

This beautiful body of work has evolved over the last 16 years to encompass a total of eight projects to date. Aura crystals are formed by melding quartz with different precious metal vapours to produce stunning crystal forms with high energetic vibrations. 

The Crystal Earthworks aura planting projects involve the programming and planting of these crystals to form ever growing global energetic matrixes to help support the Earth and her inhabitants with the many challenges faced as we transition into a new Astrological age.

This work is open to all, to both participate in and benefit from, and the update explains how anyone can take part. For full details of the current work, click on 'Aura Planting Projects', in the pages section of this blog.

A huge thank you, goes once again, to Jennifer Ann Mole, who has played such a key part in evolving these projects alongside me.

The eight types of aura crystals currently
being planted

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