Friday 10 June 2022

Crystal Planting Garnet Hill

This beautiful garnet in limestone heart was planted to the area of Garnet Hill in the city of Glasgow last week. This marked the completion of a four year long body of meditation and crystal planting work to this area of the city to heal negative energetic patterns in connection with the two fires in recent years at Glasgow School of Art, to bring greater peace to the area in the light of these events, and to enhance creativity.

The garnet heart was programmed to cleanse and release any remaining strands of negativity held to this area and veil the purity of flow of right relationship with the Earth, each other and the life force to all within its wake. In time the limestone part of the heart will dissolve away releasing all that is no longer required, leaving the purity of the garnet in its wake. 

This was a one off planting specific to this place at this time, unlike much of our planting work which often has multiple applications. However these hearts can be programmed and used for personal healing in connection with base chakra energy and relationship challenges.

Garnet in limestone heart

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