Tuesday 22 February 2022

Right Relationship

Our regular Tuesday night meditation this week falls tonight, through 8pm GMT, on the 22/02/22. This date, in numerological terms, offers a powerful gateway opportunity to connect in right relationship to ourselves, each other and our beautiful Earth Mother.

We are therefore celebrating these energies with a special meditation focus:

'To align to planetary transformation and a sustainable future for all through the pathway of the heart.'

This meditation will use the beautiful meditation configuration below, comprised of four prehnite with epidote, four larvikite, and eight angel aura with a Pure Grace Heart to the centre.
Prehnite is the pathway stone, epidote is key to aiding recovery, and larvikite enhances flow in positive relationship with particular connection to Earth and elemental energies. The angel aura enhance angelic connection and the Pure Grace Heart enhances heart flow to the physical, through connection to the divine feminine.

Please feel welcome to join us from where ever you are based.

To connect in simply sit in peace, in a quiet place, through the allotted time, let go of all your own worries and concerns, and then use the words and image of the crystals as a positive focus in meditation, positive thought or prayer.

Each and every connection empowers the healing effect of the meditation at a global level, and also enhances the connection of those joining in to the energies of the meditation focus, within and without of their lives.

Meditation Configuration for 22/2/22


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