Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Reducing Vehicle Emissions

Scientific evidence is such, that there can be few of us who do not now acknowledge that each time we get in a car that is not fully electric and drive somewhere we are adding to the pollution of the Earth's atmosphere through the negative energy vehicle emissions produced. These emissions not only affect the health and well being of the communities we live in and travel through but also contribute to climate change by adding to global warming.

However, we can act with greater responsibility. Firstly, we can take positive action to drive the vehicle with the lowest environmental impact we can afford and that is suited to our needs. Secondly, we can look carefully at the trips we make, reducing them where we can through car sharing and using public transport, or cycling and walking, where possible, for shorter trips. Combining several requirements for travel into one trip is also a good way of reducing the number of journeys made, thus our overall environmental impact. Thirdly we can use crystals to actively absorb and redirect the negative emissions from our vehicle of choice into the earth, where they can be transmuted.

If you are driving a petrol, diesel or hybrid car using a programmed car crystal set comprised of  smokey quartz dragon egg and a rose quartz dragon egg  will greatly reduce the negative impact of your vehicle.

Smoky and rose quartz dragon eggs

For hybrid and electric cars placing a chunk of appropriately programmed pyrite inside the car near to the battery pack is also key to reduce the negative impact of electromagnetic frequencies produced on both the users and the environment.

Pyrite chunk

Full details of how to programme these crystals and action their usage for yourself is now available in the pages section of this blog under 'Car Crystals'.

If you are driving a hybrid or electric vehicle and are energy sensitive, it is also advisable to wear or carry an amethyst 'amulet' programmed to protect you from negative environmental energies and transmute them earthwards and/or carry a piece of pyrite programmed to veil you with peace and protection from negative electromagnetic energies, directing them earthwards for transmutation. It is important to cleanse these crystals daily either overnight or for a minimum of four hours.

Amethyst and pyrite pieces to wear or carry

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