Wednesday 15 December 2021

Further Riverside Planting, Glasgow

In addition to planting Govan Graving Docks in Glasgow recently, I also had the gift of planting crystals to part of the Clyde Waterfront Regeneration area, just along from this site, towards the city centre. This area is visited by many as it is the location of BBC Scotland, Glasgow Science Centre and the Scottish Events Campus, which was the focal point for COP26 in November.

Three crystals were planted, a topaz aura, a tanzine aura and a Rose Heart of Light. All are part of global crystal planting projects to bring healing, realignment and restoration to our energy challenged planet. Further details of these projects are available in the works section of and in the pages section of this blog.

The topaz aura was placed into wetland habitat created as part of the Science Centre garden area. Programmed to facilitate spiritual connection and alignment with particular reference to places of wisdom, learning and decision making. This placement felt key both in terms of its proximity to the Science Centre and the BBC.

Topaz aura before planting

Site of planting in vegetation
to right of picture

The Rose Heart of Light, programmed to bring peace and healing to all in its wake, was thrown from the Millennium Bridge into the river Clyde. This bridge links the south and north sides of the area and is within the heart of this key part of the city. 

Rose Heart of Light before planting

View from bridge after planting

The tanzine aura was placed into bushes in the vicinity of the Events Campus. Programmed to facilitate spiritual connection and alignment with particular reference to the Creative Arts, its location felt a key addition to this body of planting work and it also felt that it's energy would also work in tandem with the topaz aura planted across the river. 

Tanzine aura before planting

Site of planting with part of events complex
in background

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