Monday, 20 December 2021

Apple Aura planting Glasgow

The final crystal I planted on my recent trip to Glasgow was an apple aura crystal in Queens park on the south side of the city. This beautiful wooded park has a stunning array of trees, as well as amazing views over Glasgow to the surrounding hills.

I was drawn to planting the apple aura to the oldest tree in a small copse, standing on its own, in part of the grounds. It felt that this apple aura, programmed to bring harmony, balance, restoration and replenishment to all in its wake would radiate out its healing energy to all the other trees in its immediate vicinity via the mycorrhizal web and to those beyond via the Earths subtle energy field.

I am still learning how to identify key 'Mother trees' for this type of planting and each placement gives a greater understanding of how these beautiful crystals can help sustain our planet in this time of  transition and challenge for all.

As with all the aura work, this planting is part of ongoing crystal planting work at a planetary level. The aim of this particular project is to place programmed apple auras to key trees across the globe to help support the health and well being of the natural world and all connected to it. 

If you are interested in finding out more about 'Mother trees' I have just read a fascinating book 'Finding The Mother Tree' by Suzanne Simard who has spent her life studying connectivity and communication between trees in the Forests of British Columbia and its impact on forest biodiversity and health.

View from top of Queens Park

Site of planting

Apple aura before planting

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