Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Close Encounters

I planted two further rose quartz crystals to stoat traps yesterday here in Orkney. Both were programmed  once again to veil a peaceful passing to any animal caught by the traps but also to bring peace and healing to all within the vicinity of the place of planting.

I also had perhaps the scariest moment in my 22 years of crystal planting on placement of the second crystal which was to a trap adjacent to an old barb wire fence with a stream to the other side as shown in the photos below. Intent on the placement of the crystal I was oblivious to all around me until I had covered the rose quartz with soil and then suddenly became aware of a strange snorting sound. Looking up I found myself inches away from the face of a very large bull, who unbeknown to me, was in the adjacent field and had wandered across to see what I was doing. Whether he was saying thank you or defending his patch I am not sure but I carefully backed away and gave him some space! 

Rose quartz planted to second trap

Trap before planting

My new friend?!

After crystal planting 

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