Monday, 5 April 2021

Planting Records

 As arctic like conditions return to Orkney, I'm managing to catch up on crystal planting records. This stunning aqua aura programmed to enhance spiritual connection through unconditional love in action was planted on Mothers Day, 14th March 2021. The crystal was paced to a natural stone seat which has been created on the coast in Birsay, Orkney, providing a welcome stopping place to shelter from the wind and admire the amazing view. This is part of ongoing aura planting work across Orkney and beyond but felt very fitting for this special day. After the planting, I had a strong sense of the crystal working at many levels and with other mammal species, in particular mothers, having been greeted by sheep, cows and seals on the way, all with or expecting young. 

Aqua aura planted

View from stone seat

Site of planting 

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