Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Aura and Rose Quartz Plantings

I had a beautiful crystal planting walk at the weekend, with the sun shining and a little more warmth in the air, here in Orkney. Two more rose quartz were planted to stoat traps in the area of the Bay of Skaill and  and a rose aura and angel aura added to the cairn to the south of this area. 

The rose quartz are programmed to bring peace and healing to all in the vicinity of their places of planting and a peaceful passing to any animal trapped. The rose aura is to facilitate heart connection to all in its wake, and the angel aura to enhance angelic connection. The cairn was planted with aqua aura to promote spiritual connection about ten years ago. It is a stunning place to sit both for its amazing views and the strength now all three of these aura crystals can bring in the challenging times we and our beautiful planet all continue to face.

Rose aura planted

Angel aura planted

Site of planting 

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