Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Foundation Work: Pyrite and Telecommunications Masts

When we first came together 18 years ago (see previous post 'Crystal Earthworks Foundation'), our energy was focused on identifying the main sources of negativity on our planet and looking at how best to begin to heal those 'sores' both by changing our behaviour, and then planting crystals. Looking at the Earth from an energy perspective that week was very sobering, and sadly the solutions we received at that time, are collectively as relevant today as they were then, although there have been some strides forward in awareness.
The first crystal planting we did that week was placing fist sized pyrite to a telecommunications mast a few hundred metres away from the holistic centre where we were based in North East Scotland. The crystal was programmed to absorb the negative energy emissions from the mast directing the energies earthward for transmutation, and then planted deep enough to not be disturbed within 12' of the mast. This was part of the first section of the work entitled 'Staying Alive'.
The title may sound very dramatic but negative energy emissions from telecommunications masts, pylons and substations abound across our planet and the negative consequences on our health and wellbeing and that of our beautiful Earth as a whole are huge. The negative energy emanating from a medium sized mast, such as the one we planted, creates a high degree of negative charge to 500m around its placement but reaches to a ten mile radius of the mast. If you live within the vicinity of one of these structures, the EMF's or electromagnetic frequencies emitted have the potential to trigger any predisposition or energy weakness you may have to a particular disease. If you live further afield the effect will be reduced but can lead at best to a general debilitation and tiredness leaving you potentially open to other illness. None of this is conducive to health and well being.
On a planetary scale, the negative energy radiating from these structures, due to its magnetic nature is attracted to the poles, in particular the North Pole thus contributing to the overall heating of the planet, the melting of the ice caps and climate change.
Planting an appropriately programmed fist sized pyrite to any telecommunications masts, pylons or substations in your local area is thus one of the greatest healing gifts you can give to our planet at this time.
In the case of this first pyrite planting it enabled those running this unique high energy centre, to live and work in health and peace and those who visited to learn and receive healing in ways it would otherwise not have been possible. I have pyrite planted other masts adjacent to healing centres since, combining this with a grid of amethyst around the grounds, programmed to protect against negative environmental energies, again enabling these places to thrive and provide much needed healing to many.

Fist sized pyrite chispa suitable for
planting to telecommunication masts
Planting the first pyrite

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