Thursday, 20 August 2020

Foundation Work: Planting for Peace

A key part of the foundation crystal planting work put into action 18 years ago, focused on how best to heal negative energy imprints held to the very earth we live and walk on. Every action and step we take imprints energy into the earth, either positive or negative. In places with a chequered history such as a battlefield, site of terrorist attack, massacre or similar loss of life and destruction, the negative imprint of energy will affect all in its wake, creating an energy sink in which nothing can flow with the vibrancy of its pure state and further negative events, or actions are often attracted.
Such sites can be planted in a variety of ways and may well require multiple plantings to remove layers of negative energy imprints. The Peace Configuration, using four fist sized rose quartz crystals, placed to the exterior corners of such a site is often a key starting point however, and  can be used anywhere to great effect.
In this beautiful crystal configuration the rose quartz chunks are cleansed and programmed together to emanate a high charge of peace and healing to the earth within the energy circuit they create on planting, all living within the circuit and all those who visit that place. Once in place and ignited by a simple call to Light  for the peace and healing to begin, the crystals set up a three dimensional matrix of positive energy that cleanses and recharges all within to peace and anyone entering the circuit also receives this gift of peace and healing.
In North East Scotland, we planted a natural promontory called Fort Fiddes, with several interlinking grids of rose quartz crystals, due to the form and size of the site, programmed as above. This place, now deserted, had once been a peaceful community of farmers and artisans around 1000 years BC, with the land rich and fertile, however subsequent raids from across the sea by those less fortunate or skilled eventually led to the total devastation of that first community. Following this, similar acts of destruction continued to occur to any further community attempting to develop there because of the negative energy imprints held to the land from the initial raids. In addition, with each community that failed, a Pictish Fort, a Roman Fort and then the beginnings of a church community,  further imprints of grief and destruction were left behind.
Before the planting, despite its beauty, those who were energy sensitive could feel the sadness pervading this place, mirrored in the nearly empty carpark in spite of it being the height of summer. Yet after placing and igniting the crystals the whole area took on a feeling of peace and renewed vibrancy and almost within minutes the car park began to fill with visitors. 
I have returned to this site several times since, and its vibrant energy continues and a deep sense of peace can be felt by simply sitting or lying out on the promontory within the crystal circuits.
The Peace Circuit is a gift indeed. Since this initial placement, it has been planted to many sites of held negativity across the globe and it continues to be a key tool for all drawn to healing the Earth in this way.

Rose quartz chunks suitable for planting for peace
Fort Fiddes, May 2019
View looking back from Fort Fiddes, May 2019

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