Friday, 21 August 2020

Foundation Work: Planting for Release

In this fourth and final post, looking at some of the key planting work, that was drawn together 18 years ago this week, we explore the subject of 'Release'.
Many different types of crystal planting involve release as by cleansing the lands and buildings to which they are placed of held negative imprints and stagnant energy, old energy patterns are lifted and the flow of energy, in purity, returns. 
However when we specifically refer to 'Planting for Release', we are placing crystals to help trapped soul aspects return back to the Light. Each of us is an aspect of a soul incarnated to the Earth at this time to clear our karma from other lives, learn the lessons we have chosen for this life, and in doing this, connect to our hearts and bring healing to the Earth. If all goes well, at the appointed time of passing we fully return to the Light, in peace, to review all we have achieved, ready for the next incarnation, or if we have balanced the scales enough, to continue our soul evolution from a Light perspective.
However where our passing is unexpected, traumatic or involves great suffering in some way, it is not unusual for the soul aspect to become trapped, over identified if you like, with the physical place of death and may require help to fully release back to Light. Crystals can be planted to help this release.
This is profound work and requires sensitivity and humility. Yet it is important to remember that we are never alone when working with crystals, and this work in particular is Light orchestrated, with angelic support present not only for those soul aspects being released, but also for those physically present at the time of planting.
To action this work a combination of rose quartz and selenite is used. A single rose quartz can be planted centrally to the area concerned and crushed selenite then scattered across the area. Alternatively, the area can be gridded with four rose quartz, one to each outer corner and a single bar of selenite placed centrally. In both case the crystals are programmed and ignited using specific wording to enable the Light support and action that is required for the release.
On our gathering in North East Scotland, we planted Boyne Castle in this way, using the second method, as the whole of the site was easily accessible. This beautiful site, which I have written about before, and where several subsequent crystal plantings have been actioned, had on this initial visit a feeling of great tension and unrest in the air. However on planting and igniting the crystals a feeling of immense peace came over the site, and all those present, and this peace remains to this day. We knew little about this site historically other than it had once been used as a hiding place for Mary Queen of Scots, but it had intuitively felt right that this type of planting was required.
Many global sites of great suffering have been planted in this way since. For example Auschwitz in Poland, the Pyramids in Egypt, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Ground Zero in New York and the Battle of Hastings in England. Equally 'Planting for Release' has been used to many smaller, lesser known sites, where a trapped presence has been felt or made itself known, or where, as in our first experience of this type of planting it felt intuitively right to do so.
Planting for release is a moving experience and if actioned with great respect for the energy changes taking place, it has the potential to help many. As although over time trapped soul aspects will naturally release, this can take many Earth cycles and until a particular aspect is fully released back to the Light, the progression of the soul is hampered.

Rose quartz chunk

Selenite bar

Boyne Castle
North East Scotland, 2019

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