Thursday, 18 June 2020

Planting for Personal and Planetary healing

As lockdown here in Orkney eases, I've managed to get out on two crystal planting trips this week. 
The first involved planting these beautiful sets of lapis, snow quartz and rose quartz to a key energetic site in Orkney on the 15/06/20.

These crystals are of great personal connection to myself,  but their planting was to bring healing at both a personal and planetary level. Lapis to strengthen the physical expression of our collective soul song, so key at this time of opportunity for positive global change. Rose quartz to bring peace of mind through heart connection, and snow quartz to bring gentle nurturance and strength though our connection with the Earth . 
A beautiful day, a humbling opportunity and so lovely to feel the Earth vibrating with purity, strength and Light on the way home.

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