Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Aqua Aura Planting

I planted an aqua aura crystal to this beautiful moorland site in Orkney at the weekend, 28/06/20.
Aqua aura crystals carry a high pure energy vibration, promoting unconditional love in action, through heart opening and spiritual connection. 
This planting is part of the Crystal Earthworks Global Aura Planting project work. The aim of this work is to plant these and other aura crystals across the globe to sites of personal and planetary connection, promoting and enhancing key energies to bring about positive change.  https://crystalearthworks.net/category/work/crystal-planting-projects/aura-planting/.

Aqua aura crystal before planting

Moorland site of planting, Orkney

Beautiful wild flowers
 in vicinity of planting

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