Monday, 2 March 2020

Pyrite, Amethyst and EMF'S

With news last week of multi-million pound investment in developing 5G here in Orkney, it feels important to post a reminder about the ever growing challenges to personal and planetary health unchecked EMF's pose, in current times.
The greatest healing gift we can give to ourselves and our beautiful planet here in 2020, is to use appropriately programmed pyrite with all electrical appliances, computers routers, microwaves, mobile phones and other sources of EMF's, plant programmed fist sized chunks of pyrite to mobile phone masts, pylons substations and transformers in our neighbourhoods and wear/carry or use room amethysts programmed for protection against negative environmental energies.

Pyrite For use in the home, school, workplace

Fist sized pyrite for planting to mobile phone masts
substations, pylons etc

Amethyst for protecting against negative
environmental energies

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