Friday, 28 February 2020

Back to Basics 9 Crystal Planting For General Healing

So far in these back to basic posts we have focused on the key uses of pyrite in connection with negating negative electromagnetic energies, amethyst to use as a protective amulet against negative environmental energies, and rose quartz for bringing peace to ourselves, our homes and the wider environment.
These three crystals can also be planted together in different combinations to bring about earth healing. In this post we look at an alternative to planting for peace, covered in the last post, using pyrite and rose quartz together in a general healing configuration.
Although the Peace Configuration can be planted at anytime anywhere, it is not always easy to implement if time is short or practically it is difficult to grid a whole site. In such instances fist sized chunks of programmed pyrite and rose quartz can be planted together to the centre of an area to cleanse the site of negative imprints and veil it with peace and healing.
The pyrite is programmed to release by  transmutation the negativity enmeshed to the place of its planting and to recalibrate it to its soul path. Whilst the rose quartz is programmed to bring peace and healing to the place of planting and all who visit that place. The crystals are then planted as centrally to the site as is physically possible about 30 cm/1' apart and ignited.
The applications of such planting are far and wide - former battle fields, stately homes, castles or other similar sites with a chequered history, places where there has been a history of abuse or trauma.
The same planting can be used on a smaller scale, using smaller crystals to cleanse and heal specific points on earth where there has been negative action or challenge. For example the site of an accident, individual attack or place where there has been loss of life.
Many sites both large and small have been planted in this way across the globe and chunks of rose quartz and pyrite of varying sizes are great to add to your crystal travel tool kit. One student I worked with travelled widely across Europe for her work, on a monthly basis and found planting sets of smaller pyrite and rose quartz chunks, programmed as described, an empowering way to combine her Earth healing work and career as a scientific researcher.

Fist sized pyrite and rose quartz chunks

Pairs of pyrite and rose quartz of varying sizes

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