Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Crystals and Immunity

Staying healthy at this time is a challenge for us all. Crystals can be used to both protect us from negative environmental energies, which can lower our resistance to disease, and to strengthen our immune systems to fight infection. Whilst using the healing power of crystals in these ways won't necessarily stop us getting ill, they can help in reducing the severity of the symptoms and our vulnerability to further complications.

The two crystals I would recommend and I am personally using with myself and family members at this time are amethyst and labradorite.

To use amethyst as protective amulet, simply take a small to medium tumbled piece, cleanse over night in water then hold in your right palm and ask that it veil you with the light of transmutation and protection from negative environmental energies. You can then wear the amethyst as a pendant using a 'jewellery cage', or carry it in a silk pouch in a pocket or pinned to clothing.
Similarly for children or adults not comfortable wearing or carrying amethyst, a small fist sized piece of amethyst can be cleansed over night in water, then held in the right hand and asked to transmute negative collected energies from the room or space to which it is placed and protect those within from negative environmental energies. Place to the bedroom or sleeping area, a window sill is ideal.
Using amethyst in either of these ways  sets up a circuit of protective energy around the energy field or aura of those using the crystals.

To use labradorite to positively charge your immune system, take a small to medium tumbled piece, cleanse overnight in water and then hold in your right palm and ask that it strengthen your immunity.
The crystal can then be worn or carried or placed by or under your bed.

All crystals require cleansing both before programming and regularly when in use - daily overnight in water if worn or carried, every few days if placed by or under the bed, or weekly for room crystals.
Cleansing is essential to avoid the crystals becoming saturated with negative energy which can then drip back into the energy field of the user, or area of placement. To cleanse either of these types of crystals simply place in a glass of water overnight, pat dry with a clean natural fibre cloth and then reprogram as described. Crystals new to you are best cleansed for a minimum of twelve hours in this way before use, as they will have connected with many different energies on their journey to you!

To programme your crystals to greatest effect, it is important to cleanse and align yourself and the space you are in first. This is simply done by stopping and being still, and then asking the Light (Universal /Cosmic energy) that all negativity be cleansed from your being and the room/space you are in and that the negativity is released to the Earth for transmutation, and then that you and the room/space are filled with positivity. Then you are ready to begin.

Amethyst chunk and tumble stone

Labradorite tumble stone

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