Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to connect into the crystals set up for the UN Climate Summit in Madrid last week. Whilst the outcome didn't give the consensus we all hoped for, it feels important to continue to work through the Crystal Earth Meditations in connection with these events.
At an individual level, and with those around us, we can all continue to work on lowering our carbon footprint, use and plant pyrite to help transmute and negate negative electromagnetic energies and plant crystals in other informed ways to cleanse and revitalise our energy challenged planet.
In addition the amethyst cairn in combination with other crystals remains open here at Old Nisthouse in Orkney, to send strength to all in distress across the globe. The cairn can be used as a focus to help others in need at a local, national or planetary level by simply sitting in peace in a quiet place, visualising the cairn and asking for strength to be sent to the particular community, area or habitat in need. For example all those affected by wildfires in Australia, all those affected by flooding across the globe, all those who have been displaced from their homes, all those who have lost loved ones in severe weather events; all affected by deforestation or coral reef bleaching or damaged peat bogs or oceanic pollution. 
Please feel free to connect to the cairn at any time, from where ever you are based across the globe with your chosen focus. Every positive connection helps heal our planet and those in need.

Amethyst cairn, Old Nisthouse, Orkney

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