Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Pyrite planting, Orkney

Planted these pyrite crystals to act as one, to a small substation in Orkney last week, programmed to absorb and transmute Earthwards, the negative electromagnetic energy emissions associated with such sites. Planting pyrite in this way to mobile phone masts, pylons, substations, renewable energy transformers and telegraph poles carrying high voltage wires is one of the greatest healing gifts we can action to our planet at this time.
Where possible a single large fist sized pyrite chispa is used planted within twelve feet (3.5m) of the structure and at a depth of between 6" (8cm) and 3' (90cm) deep to maximise healing whilst ensuring the crystal is not touched or disturbed.  
When there is an opportunity to plant in this way and a large enough single crystal is not available, a maximum of three smaller crystals can be used as long as they are programmed together to act as one and planted touching one another.
The energy changes that can be felt on planting in this way never fail to amaze me. In this particular example a feeling of high tension in the air and intense buzzing dominating the area around the substation changed to a feeling of greater calmness and clarity on placing the pyrite, and although the buzzing could still be heard it no longer dominated the landscape. 

Three pieces of pyrite used as one for substation planting

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