Friday, 13 December 2019

Back To Basics 7 Pyrite and Cordless Phones

Cordless phones are high emitters of negative electromagnetic energy and there is increasing scientific evidence of their potentially detrimental effect on health. The base station of such a phone has been likened to having a mini mobile phone mast in your house and the hand sets worse than using a mobile phone as they don't 'power down' in between calls and they, and the base stations are thus emitting high levels of radiation continually.

The best way to protect against these negative energies is to not have a cordless phone at all!  Use a corded one or even a mobile instead. Alternatively if this is not possible place a fist sized chispa of pyrite next to the base station, programmed to absorb all negative electromagnetic emissions from the base station and phone and transmute them, and to veil peace and protection to all those using the phone or who are in in its vicinity. Similarly have a small piece of programmed pyrite in a silk purse to use with the phone when it is away from its base station. Don't forget to cleanse both pyrite pieces regularly overnight in water, perhaps having two sets to alternate, so there is always programmed pyrite with the phone and its base station. The base station pyrite should be cleansed weekly and the handset one daily if in regular use. Wearing or carrying a protective amethyst amulet is also key as detailed in Back to Basics 6.

As with all high emitters of EMF's, cordless phones have the potential to trigger disease where there is predisposition to this especially in connection with the area of the head, for example increased risk of brain tumours or neurological damage. 
I have had personal experience of this after unwittingly using such a phone unaware of its health risk and thus unprotected. For me I believe it triggered a form of neuralgia on the right hand side of my face known as Trigeminal Neuralgia after prolonged use of a cordless phone to friends and family over a period of months following a relocation.
The trigeminal nerve, from which the intense bouts of pain and associated debilitation originate, lies just behind the ear - exactly where the pulses of radiation from the phone would be hitting. We replaced our cordless phone with a corded one as soon as I came across the research regarding their health risks, but too late to prevent thirteen long years of challenge for myself and my family living with this disease. 
At a soul level, I have learnt much from this period of illness, yet I often wonder if I could have learnt the same lessons in a far less painful way, and with far less suffering for all around me, if I had only known of the potential health risks of such phones and what to do about them.
I am blessed in that I received life changing surgery to rectify this issue in February this year but I would never have a cordless phone again, and now keep calls on any phone to the minimum, and always use programmed pyrite with them as well carrying a protective amethyst amulet.

Crystals for use in connection with cordless phones

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