Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Crystal Planting Trip Northern Scotland

Just returned from a few days away to Rogart, Northern Scotland. Such a beautiful area, here are the crystal planting records and a few photos:

17/10/19 Angel Aura to beautiful rock on high point of Blarich Eastate, Rogart.

 18/10/19 Rose heart of Light for Planting to Duke of Sutherland monument, summit of Benn Bhraggie, Golspie. (Part of crystal planting work ongoing to heal negative imprints in connection with the Highland Clearances).

19/10/19 Aqua Aura to Dornoch Cathedral

19/10/19 Rose Heart of Light for Planting to pools near the Flows Lookout Tower, Forsinard. (The beginning of crystal planting work to strengthen and heal the Earths peat bogs which form key planetary carbon stores and are thus important as a defence against climate change - more of this to come at a later date.

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