Friday, 25 October 2019

Back To Basics 4 Pyrite and Negating Negative Electromagnetic Energies in the Home

Any electrical appliance we use emits electromagnetic energy which can adversely affect our health and well being. If we look at all the appliances we use in a day in our homes, schools and workplaces the amount of negative energy we are producing and living within is high. The good news is we can do something about this!
The first step is to only use appliances when we really need them, this makes sense both in terms of reducing the levels of negative electromagnetic energy we are surrounding ourselves in but also in terms of saving energy. Secondly we can place small pieces of programmed pyrite to each plug socket or electrical item used, or use a fist sized chunk of pyrite programmed to absorb the negative electromagnetic energy emissions from all electrical items in a particular room or space.
Programming simply involves asking the crystal to work in a specific way and is the same for all general electrical items but different for microwaves, televisions, computers and wifi routers/extenders due to the different energy effects each of these has on our surroundings.
It is also key to cleanse any pyrite we use in these ways, weekly, overnight in water. Cleansing is essential as the pyrite acts like a sponge absorbing negative energy but once saturated that energy will begin to 'drip' back into the environment making matters worse if regular cleansing is not kept up.
Rough cut, polished or cubed pyrite are all suitable to be used in these ways and full details of how to choose, programme, and cleanse pyrite for use with different electrical appliances will be in the projects forthcoming book, 'Crystal Clear'. 

Pyrite forms suitable for use with electrical items

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