Sunday, 13 October 2019

Back To Basics 3 - Pyrite and Negating Negative Electromagnetic Energies in The Environment

Our planet currently abounds with negative electro-magnetic energy emissions from pylons, telegraph poles, electrical sub-stations, telecommunications masts, all of which are growing in number and prominence as the demand for electricity and greater communication facilities expand. Look around your home, your children’s school, your work place and what do you see? At best, a few electrical cables or telecommunication wires.  At worst, lines of pylons “buzzing” with electricity, or a sub-station humming with a high concentration of electricity pouring through it, or a mobile phone mast towering over the landscape radiating out negative energy to all within its wake.

The electromagnetic energy emissions associated with such sites have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing and the scientific evidence for this is growing.
If we take a medium sized telecommunication mast for example, in energy terms the negative eminence from this reaches to a 16km/10 mile radius and creates a high degree of negative charge to 500m/0.3miles around its placement. 
This electromagnetic energy, particularly in homes and workplaces adjacent to such structures, is enough to trigger serious illnesses we may individually have a predisposition to, for example cancer. Even if you do not have a vulnerability to serious disease the negative eminence will at best leave you with a general debilitation or tiredness increasing susceptibility to other illness. None of this is conducive to health and wellbeing and if we look at the number of these sites locally, nationally, and on a global scale none of us are now spared from their negative effects.
However we can do something about this. The negative emissions associated with such structures can be absorbed and redirected deep into the Earth, where they can be negated and transmuted back into positive energy, by the planting of fist sized, programmed pyrite chispas near to the focus of the electromagnetic output.
This act is simple and inexpensive yet the positive change it can bring about is enormous.

If you are interested in working in this way, full details of how to action this type of planting will be available in the projects forthcoming book 'Crystal Clear'.

Fist sized pyrite chispa

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