Wednesday 17 April 2024

Soil and soul

As we continue our preparations to move south, after 14 years in Orkney, I’ve just taken up and cleansed the malachite from our greenhouse here. Programmed to reinvest the soil, and all foods grown in that soil with a Light charge that can then be passed on to those who consume the foods, these beautiful crystals have blessed us with so much over our years of growing produce here.

Eternally grateful for their healing light, we are taking them, and the gravel filled pots in which they have sat over the years, with us, ready to put them to use again in our new location.

If grow your own produce and are interested in actioning this way of working, full details are given on the ‘Enhancing our Soils’ page of this blog. 

Happy growing!

Malachite and their pots

Our greenhouse in Orkney

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