Monday 22 April 2024

Earth Day 2024

Today we celebrate Earth Day 2024. This years theme is 'Planet vs Plastics’ focusing on collective action to help repair and heal the planets ecosystems, combat climate change and support biodiversity. There are special events taking place across the globe open for all to take part in or donate to:, alternatively each of us can action our own way of supporting our beautiful planet. 

Crystal Earthworks is this year focusing on finding ways to reduce the use of plastic in our lives and removing existing plastic from the environment. If you feel drawn to taking part, simply find one way, this week, you can reduce your plastic use on a permanent basis and /or collect and recycle any plastic and other litter in your local area.

Please feel free to share your actions via the comments section of this post or by emailing

Happy Earth Day and may our beautiful Earth Mother become a lighter, brighter place for all, today, and in the coming weeks and months, as a result of todays collective focus and events.

Ring of Brodgar in the early morning mist,
here in Orkney, today, Earth Day 2024

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