Monday 16 October 2023

Rose Quartz Planting

Rose quartz seems to have been the focus of our work over this past week, being used both in healing work through meditation for so many in growing need, and planted for two very different purposes last Monday in the South of Orkney.

The first of these placements was a piece of unpolished rose quartz, planted in the vicinity of a stoat trap on the cliffs above Wind Wick Bay, South Ronaldsay. These crystals, programmed to veil peace and healing to all in their wake, and a peaceful passing to any animal trapped, are being placed in connection with ongoing work to remove stoats from Orkney, by the Orkney Native Wildlife project. These beautiful mammals were introduced to the Isles some fifteen years ago and sadly have caused much destruction to breeding birds and Orkney voles - an endemic species here. 

The complexities of restoring our Earth to its natural balance, harmony and flow are challenging in current times, with all we have collectively destroyed and thrown off kilter. Yet there are many seeking to renew harmonious ways of living on our beautiful planet both in connection with the Earth herself and with each other.

Crystals have a vast energetic capacity, when used with care, respect and understanding, to enhance this renewal and return to sustainable ways of living in peace for all. Rose quartz is a key tool in that pathway and I’ll be sharing more of how we can use it both personally and collectively over the next few days.

Programmed rose quartz before planting 

Stoat trap near to which rose quartz was placed

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