Monday 23 May 2022

Aura Planting Work

I'm currently working on a much needed update of the Aura Planting page of this blog and the Crystal Earthworks Website. This work began in May 2006 with the planting of a specially programmed aqua aura crystal, by a dear friend and colleague of mine, to Mount Olympus in Greece. I had no idea at that stage of the significance of this planting, or all the amazing work it would lead to, but 16 years later we are now working with eight different aura crystals, all of which are continuing to be planted at local, community and planetary levels. The aura crystals have also proved key in both our global meditation work, and in healing at a personal level, and with clients. 

The aura crystals all have their own magic. However, aqua aura remains one of my favourites, and its placement to key spiritual sites across the globe, the Mount Everest region in Nepal, Ayers Rock in Australia and the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, to name a few, feels really special. Looking forward to sharing full details of all eight projects, and how anyone can take part in planting these crystals, to continue to build beautiful and transformational energy webs of Light across the globe.

Aqua Aura

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