Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Pyrite Planting

This is the first of our posts in connection with COP26, looking at how we can integrate crystal planting into making Earth centred choices for the health and wellbeing of our planet, her myriad of lifeforms and thus ourselves. 

Later in the week we will look at how ongoing crystal planting work supports positive commitments made in the first two days of the summit to halting deforestation, restoring woodland, and to reducing methane emissions. Today, however we look at the use of pyrite in connection with negating the high levels of negative electromagnetic energy currently swamping the planet and its effect on health, well being and climate change.

Negative electromagnetic energies effect our health and wellbeing and the health and well being of our planet. 
Most electronic items give off a baseline negative electromagnetic charge each time they are switched on or used. If we look at all the electronic items and how many times we personally use them daily - phones, computer, microwave, televisions etc and then multiply this at a community, national and then global level the overall effect is immense. Add to this the same energies that are emitted by the structures in place to support our dependancy on these items - pylons, substations, telecommunications masts and the scale of the problem is unprecedented and ever growing at this time.
At a personal level, unchecked, these energies are enough to trigger any health difficulties we may, at an individual level, be genetically vulnerable to, or at the very least lead to a general level of debilitation, tiredness and reduced immunity. 
At a planetary level these energies due to their very nature, magnatise to polar sites in particular polar north. We are effectively  'microwaving' our icecap with our collective unchecked use of electronic items.

So what can we do? 
Reducing our usage of these items to that that is necessary is one step forward. However our modern lives are inextricably linked at this time to these technologies, and in terms of sharing information, connectivity and living productive lives they bring us many advantages. Using them responsibly is therefore the next step by taking measures to negate their negative effects.
Pyrite, the beautiful shiny metallic crystal shown below in its many forms is key in this respect. Pyrite has the capacity to absorb negative electromagnetic energies when programmed and placed alongside our everyday electronic items. In addition when appropriately programmed and planted to the earth alongside say a mobile phone mast or line of pylons, it has the capacity to not only absorb the negative electromagnetic energy radiating out from such a structure structure, but can redirect this energy deep into the Earth where it can be transmuted back into positive energy.

Pyrite is readily available, inexpensive and easy to use in these ways and is a key tool in negating climate change.
Further details of this work is available via the pages section of this blog and Crystal Earthworks Website:

Pyrite in various sizes and forms

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