Monday, 15 November 2021

Hope and Action

Whilst COP 26 didn't deliver the level of radical change we and our beautiful Mother Earth so require, the Glasgow Climate Pact is a step in the right direction and there are many positives we can take from it and build upon. After such a huge gathering and global focus on climate change, it is easy to feel a sense of anticlimax and deflation, yet it is important we continue to have hope in our hearts.

Action at a personal level is the most important thing we can do moving forward.  During the last two weeks here in Orkney we did a couple of beach cleans, made steps towards getting an electric car and looked again at how to reduce our use of plastics as a household, whilst continuing to reduce, reuse and recycle as and where possible. I also planted crystals to support Earth healing and continued with the use of crystals already in place here supporting Earth centred change.

Retaining that sense of hope and positive action in the days, weeks and months to come feels key for us all on our journey to becoming true custodians of our amazing planet and enabling Climate Justice for all.

Sunshine Aura for joy, hope, strength and positivity
in times of great change and transition

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