Friday, 10 April 2020

Easter Meditations

For many, today marks the beginning of Easter weekend. Ultimately the message of Easter is one of hope, joy and potential, and this will be the basis of our meditation on Sunday.

The focus of our Crystal Earth Meditation, this afternoon, through 3pm BST is:

'To send peace, healing and heart connection to all across the globe.'

This meditation also offers a personal opportunity to reflect on compassion, self sacrifice and unconditional love, qualities which feel all the more important at this time of great change for all and the challenges that brings.

For the crystal focus for this meditation, we return to simplicity, using a single 'Rose Heart of Light' as shown below.

All are welcome to join us, from where ever you are based.
Simply sit in peace, in a quiet place, through the allotted time. Let go of all your own worries and concerns, and then use the words and image of the crystal as a positive focus in meditation, positive thought or prayer

Rose Heart Of Light

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