Thursday, 9 April 2020

Celestite - The Angel Stone

One of the greatest challenges many of us are facing at this time, myself included, is having a family member, friend or loved one having to be in self isolation, separate from us, or a loved one being taken into hospital and being unable to be at their side.
The beauty of crystals and crystal planting is that there is always something we can do to help others, to make a positive difference, and to feel empowered rather than helpless in the face of hardship and adversity.
Sending those who are ill and separate from us positive thoughts and prayers is always a powerful way to help those in need. In addition placing a piece of celestite to a sanctuary space or place of peace in our home, programmed to veil angelic peace, strength and healing to the person in question, can greatly help anyone facing illness or challenge, for in truth we are never alone.
Any rough cut or tumbled piece of celestite can be used in this way and a simple window sill or cupboard top, kept clear of clutter, can be used as a focal point. You could add a candle, photograph of the person, even flowers but none of this is a requirement.
Using celestite in this way is powerful opportunity to support those you love, whatever the outcome of their difficulty or illness. 

To programme the crystal simply hold it in your right palm and ask:
"I ask the Light, please charge this celestite crystal to veil angelic peace, strength and healing to ....full name of the person and their location.... Thank you.'
The call to Light refers to divine energy (universal/cosmic energy).

The crystal will require cleansing both before programming and regularly when in use. 
Celestite, used in this way is best cleansed weekly by rinsing in running water, rather than soaking, due to its crumbly nature, or it can be placed to an amethyst, or salt bed if you are familiar with these methods. After rinsing place the crystal in natural light to rest for at least three hours before reprogramming. You may wish to have two pieces, which you alternate so there is always a piece in active use. 
Crystals new to you are best cleansed for a minimum of twelve hours before using, as they will have connected with many different energies on their journey to you! 

To programme your crystals to greatest effect, it is important to cleanse and align yourself and the space you are in first. This is simply done by stopping and being still, and then asking the Light (Universal /Cosmic energy) that all negativity be cleansed from your being and the room/space you are in and that the negativity is released to the Earth for transmutation, and then that you and the room/space are filled with positivity. Then you are ready to begin.

Rough cut celestite

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