Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Strengthening loch and lochan habitats, Scotland

This beautiful mariposite crystal was recently planted to Lochan Splin, near Aberfeldy in the Trossachs, Scotland. This is a stunning site made all the richer by art installations of some of the local loch associated wildlife. The crystal was thrown from a point half way down the northern bank of the lochan into its centre.

The mariposite crystals being planted by Crystal Earthworks, are programmed to strengthen all forms of life within the lochs and lochans to which they are placed. This was the first placement of one of these crystals to the Scottish mainland, with other plantings so far all being to Scottish Island sites in Arran, Lewis and Orkney. These plantings are part of our growing area of work to strengthen different aspects of the planetary body of the Earth and her myriad of habitats and lifeforms. 

Mariposte crystal before planting

Lochan Splin

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