Monday, 25 July 2022

Recent Apple Aura Plantings

Our recent trip south was a bit of a whirl wind and the planting work went in many directions that  I hadn't originally set out to achieve. Two of the first few crystals planted were beautiful apple auras as part of our work in strengthening and supporting 'Mother' trees across the globe. 

The first of these was to the base of a magnificent tree adjacent to the Dunfallandy Stone just outside Pitlochry, Scotland, shown below, along with the crystal placed to its base. It felt really special to plant in this way alongside other crystals to this historic spiritual site.

In contrast the second apple aura planting was to the base of the oldest tree in an area of green space near the old Gas Works in Anniesland, Glasgow. I don't have any photos of this sadly as I forgot my camera, but despite being wedged in between intensive housing and the gas works and with dumping to the edge of the site, there were signs of attempts to develop the area with nature at the fore, with a pond, land art and a small fire pit for communal gathering. This particular planting felt to be about strengthening heart connection with nature of all visiting the site, as well as imbuing positive energy to the plant and animal life within its wake. 

Further information about our Apple Aura crystal planting work, and how anyone can take part, can be found in the 'Aura Planting Projects' pages section of this blog.  

Beautiful 'Mother' sycamore tree

Appla aura planted

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