Monday, 21 March 2022

Spring Equinox

Yesterday I marked the spring equinox, in the Northern hemisphere, with the planting of the beautiful rose quartz shown below, to a tiny piece of woodland we have here in Orkney. Programmed to bring peace, healing and heart connection to all in its wake this planting felt key not only to veil these energies to this beautiful piece of land and all who pass by it on a daily basis but also to anchor greater peace into the earth at a planetary level. 

The spring equinox, marks the point in the year where day and night are equal and also symbolises a time of hope, regeneration and rebirth as the first signs of spring emerge and we move into increasing hours of daylight and warmth. However, with all that is happening in the world in current times, it can be challenging to connect to this positivity, and the strength it brings. Building a foundation of peace at both a personal and community level is key to supporting this connection and this in turn then helps to tip the balance of peace at a wider level.

Crystal Earthworks has been planting for peace in many different ways across the globe for nearly twenty years now and each crystal placement feels like a jewel of hope and empowerment. 

If you feel drawn to actioning peace in this way, for yourself, simply take a piece of cleansed rose quartz, hold it in your right palm and ask that it veil peace and healing to all in its wake. Then place it in your home, garden or wherever you feel drawn, not forgetting to cleanse it weekly if it is placed inside. If you are planting it, simply dig a hole a few inches deep, or alternatively, place it in a crevice or under stones, where it will not be disturbed. In this way you will create a permanent beacon of peace and positivity for all and contribute to the growing network of peace planting globally.   

Programmed rose quartz just before planting

Site of planting

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