Friday, 12 March 2021

Healing Grief Patterns

 I have been doing some meditation work with these beautiful African Turquoise to heal global grief patterns this week. 

This feels to be a key area of work for Crystal Earthworks at the moment, with so many having lost loved ones, missing close connections with family and friends, or struggling with the loss of work, familiar ways of living, and for some, their homes and ability to care for those dependent on them.

Turquoise can also be used at a personal level to help with feelings of grief and loss and all that that brings.

Simply cleanse a piece in water overnight, pat dry and hold in your right palm asking that it helps bring you comfort in your hour of need. It can then be carried, worn or placed by or under the bed.

Turquoise used in this way helps to ease the emotional overload we experience during times of loss and connect to the ‘bigger picture’ of all that is happening in our lives at such times. It is a simple yet powerful healing gift. 


Please note: All crystals require cleansing both before programming and regularly when in use - daily overnight in water if worn or carried, or weekly for room crystals.
Cleansing is essential to avoid the crystals becoming saturated with negative energy which can then drip back into the energy field of the user, or area of placement. To cleanse turquoise simply place in a glass of water overnight, pat dry with a clean natural fibre cloth and then reprogram as described. Crystals new to you are best cleansed for a minimum of twelve hours in this way before use, as they will have connected with many different energies on their journey to you!

To programme your crystals to greatest effect, it is important to cleanse and align yourself and the space you are in first. This is simply done by stopping and being still, and then asking the Light (Universal /Cosmic energy) that all negativity be cleansed from your being and the room/space you are in and that the negativity is released to the Earth for transmutation, and then that you and the room/space are filled with positivity. Then you are ready to begin.
Simply hold the chosen crystal or crystals in your right palm and ask that they begin to work for you as given, for example:

"I ask the Light that this turquoise veil me comfort and greater understanding at this time grief and loss. Thank you."

The call to 'Light' refers to divine energy (universal/cosmic energy).

African Turquoise

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