Thursday, 3 September 2020

Hidden Forces At Work

Writing about 'Planting for Release' a couple of weeks ago, and how we are merely the hands and feet for the work, I was reminded of an amazing experience I had had just before lockdown, when 'replacing' a pyrite crystal to negate negative electromagnetic energy near our home, here in Orkney.
As I have written about many times now, our planet is awash with negative EMF's from our extensive use of mobile phones, electricity and electrical gadgets.  The negative effect of these emissions on our health and well being can be profound but at the very best leave us lacking in energy and feeling generally debilitated. Yet using appropriately programmed pyrite in our homes, schools and workplaces and planting pyrite to telecommunication masts, pylons and substations in our local areas can all help to negate this negative effect, as the pyrite will absorb these negative emissions and where planted, direct it deep into the Earth where it can be transmuted back into positive energy.
With this in mind, when we first moved into our home in Orkney nearly 11 years ago, I planted a programmed fist sized pyrite to the electrical pole and transformer at the bottom of our garden. In March this year, due to changes in our neighbours electricity supply which is linked to ours, this pole was replaced with a mini substation directly adjacent to our land.
To be effective, pyrite chispas to negate negative electromagnetic energy, need to be planted within twelve feet of the structure to which they are placed and at a depth of between 6 inches and three feet. With the substantial amount of digging that had taken place, removing and replacing the pole, I couldn't be sure where the original crystal planted now lay, so felt I needed to replant the site.
Not having a large enough piece of pyrite available, I therefore programmed three good sized pieces of pyrite to work together as one to place to the new substation and took them to the bottom of the garden to plant. As long as I am within any guidelines regarding distance when planting crystals, I always place the crystals to where I am intuitively drawn, as I did in this instance. Imagine my amazement when starting to dig that I noticed something shiny sitting on the surface right by my trowel. The original pyrite was literally sitting soil covered but still sparkling right by where I had begun to dig. Luckily I had asked that its energy was closed when the work first started, to ensure if the crystal was dug up and inadvertently touched, no one would receive an "energy" burn from it. So I simply reprogrammed it to work with the substation, and replanted it, saving the new pyrite pieces for other work.
It is at times like this when we are clearly reminded that we are not acting alone when crystal planting and that there are hidden forces at work, guiding and helping us in our endeavours to heal the Earth. It was a special and humbling moment.

Original pole and transformer
Potential new pyrite crystals
Original pyrite crystal lying on the surface
New substation showing area dug up

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