Monday, 27 January 2020

Amethyst Planting

Planted this beautiful amethyst chunk, a gift from a dear friend and colleague, last week 24th January 2020, to the standing stone here in the garden at the entrance to Old Nisthouse, Orkney. Programmed to bring positive change to all within its wake, this crystal will bring a wash of cleansing and transmutational energy both to the land and all passing within its vicinity. 
This is different to the planting for Positive Change taught on the Crystal Earthworks courses and soon to be covered in the back to Basics Series, which we return to this week, but felt right for this site, at this time, due to the nature of previous crystal planting here, the size and shape of the crystal, and the presence of the standing stone which acts as a conduit of Light magnifying the effects of the crystal.
The crystal was planted upright, to the front of the standing stone, several inches deep into the ground.

Amethyst chunk planted

Standing stone, Old Nisthouse

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