Thursday, 15 August 2019

Planting Records Cairngorm, Scotland

Slowly catching up on planting records - always challenging in the summer with everyone at home and lots of active crystal planting going on!
Here are brief records from a short trip to the stunning Cairngorm area of mainland Scotland in July.
12/07/19 Rose heart of Light for planting to waters below the bridge in Carr Bridge.
Fairy Dust (crushed and specially programmed celestite) planted to two areas within the Abernethy Forest Boat of Garten.
Angel aura planted to base of huge rock within the same forest - only rock we came across in several miles of forest.
13/07/19 Angel Aura to Creag a Chalamain hilltop, above the
boulders of the Chalamain gap.
Rose Heart of Light for planting to Reindeer enclosure on the hillside above Loch Morlich.
General Healing set comprising of specially programmed fist sized pyrite and rose quartz to felled area of Carr Wood near Dulnain Bridge.
Rose Aura to beautiful gardens nearby.


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