Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Summary of crystal planting to Rhodes

Finally summary of crystal planting actioned in Rhodes in June! More detail to be shared in series of posts in time.
28/06/19 Valley of the Butterflies - Petaloudes
1 x Pure Strength set
1 x Fairy Cross
1 x Angel Aura to Kalopetra Monastery
29/06/19 Tholos
1 x Aqua aura to church of Agios Spiriondas
30/06/19 Rhodes Old town
1x Tanzine Aura Municipal Art Gallery
1x Topaz Aura Archaeological Museum
1x Rose Heart of Light For Planting hospital of the Knights
1x Aqua Aura Our Lady of the Castle church
2/07/19 Rhodes Town Harbour Area
1x Pure Grace Heart for Coastal
1x Rose Aura to Filoxenia
All crystals were appropriately programmed before  planting.

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