Monday, 16 April 2018

News re Community Garden, Penzance

Lovely news been passed on re crystal planting work done last year in community garden in Penzance (further details 13th March posting).
'In my six months absence since planting the Fairy crystals - this previously undisturbed part of the land had been cleared for young people and children's nature and gardening activities and projects as well as a safe space for them to talk and be with leaders and each other! As the photos show two more benches were added around a fire pit where often there's logs lit for warmth. you may see the wispy smoke . The pond where I also put crystals into is easily accessible from the decking next to the seating area. The clearing work has also made my allotment next to it free of brambles and nettles which I am really grateful for as they were hard for me to cut back. The natural area now cleared feels peaceful and 'enjoyed' now, before it was hidden and often unused. I feel the fairies are happy.'
The planter also added that the place where the fairy cross had been planted had been left undisturbed. Thank you for all this!

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