Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Summer crystal Planting Trip 2017

At last here are the details of crystal planting work on summer trip to Arran, Scotland, this year:
Dunked Cathedral, Perthshire, Scotland - Angel Aura & Rose Aura to bases of separate yew trees either side of path as enter grounds.
(Aqua aura previously planted to another yew tree base at western side of grounds).
Top of Caisteal Abhail, Arran - Angel Aura part of igniting energy of 'Sleeping Warrior'.
Torrylin Cairn, Arran - Aqua Aura to burial ground area.
Fairy Dell, North Newton, Arran - Fairy Cross to base of tree.
Near Fairy Dell, North Newton, Arran - Snow Quartz for sheep and deer in local area.
North Newton - Angel Aura, Rose Aura, Private Dwelling.
Memorial Cairn, Holborn Head, Scrabster, Scotland - Rose Heart of Light.

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