Monday, 15 May 2017

Further Mallorca Plantings

Received details of two new crystal plantings in the town of Alaro, Mallorca, Spain this morning:
'On the 8th May 2017 I planted a Heart of Light into a deep crack in the bottom of a stone wall opposite the mountains of Alaro, to maintain peace in the village.'
Ref: Google Maps 39.708488,2.801693

'On 9th May 2017 I planted Pyrite and Rose Quartz for healing at the "Matadero" (former slaughterhouse) at 7.15 am.'
Ref: Google Maps 39.707283,2.798624 
Photos are always inspiring but could not be sent in this instance and the google map references add another dimension in terms of imagery and accurate recording of the location of crystal placement - thank you to those involved with this work!

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