Thursday, 15 November 2012

Crystal planting in London

I was in Hertfordshire and then London for the projects tenth birthday. Part of our celebrations involved two aura plantings. 

One aqua aura was placed to the grounds of the Tate Modern, completing an aura triangle to this area with two previously planted tanzine auras. We actually believed we were planting a third tanzine aura but I picked up the aqua aura by mistake in the dark - I am sure this must have been meant to be! The crystal was planted to the edge of the silver birches in front of the gallery which looked truly magical lit up by ground level level lighting. 

An aura star was placed to the grounds of St Paul's which felt very special on such a key day for the project. The crystals were placed beneath the boughs of a beautiful yew tree and reminded us of our planting work near the Fortingall Yew in Scotland last year.

Silver birches in front of the Tate Modern, late afternoon

St Paul's form the Tate Modern, London

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