Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Crystal focus for those in distress across the Globe

There are so many individuals, communities and regions requiring help across the globe at this time, that it can feel overwhelming as to who to focus on, when asking for, or meditating to send, strength to others in need.  This is a reminder that Crystal Earthworks, has at Old Nisthouse, here in Orkney, a crystal cairn set up with specially programmed crystals beneath, to send help to all in distress across the globe. 

Any one can contribute to this healing work, by simply connecting to this cairn through visualisation or prayer at any time, from anywhere. Even a few moments helps to empower the energy, thus action of the crystals, empowering each of us to make a positive difference across the globe.

Snow Quartz Cairn, Old Nisthouse, Orkney

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