Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bag the Bruck

It was 'Bag the Bruck' weekend here in Orkney. Bruck is the Orcadian word for rubbish and Bag The Bruck is an environmental initiative to clean up Orkney's beaches once a year, after the winter storms and before the hopefully warmer weather brings more people to the sea.
We did our bit down at Birsay Links beach.
Promisingly we collected less bruck than last year, although we had to leave behind several old lobster pots and nets, which were either too bulky to manage, or buried in sand. The sad thing is that this event is even required - perhaps without the event of plastic it wouldn't be! However plastic is incredibly useful and as with so many of the Crystal Earthworks teachings, it is not about not using modern technologies and products, but about using them responsibly. The bulk of our collection on Saturday was plastic bottles all which could have been recycled in the first place rather than ending up up in the sea.

For further details of this event and the problems facing our oceans world wide go to the 'Eco Orkney' and 'New Years Resolution For The Sea' links.

Birsay Links beach, mainland Orkney

Bagging the Bruck

Representative sample of most of the bruck bagged

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