Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Leap Of Faith

I spoke to someone recently who, having been very skeptical about the potential of crystals, had started wearing a programmed amethyst to protect them from negative environmental energies.

After only a few days, they had literally had a leap of faith, as they felt so much more energised and positive, having been freed from the effects of the negative energy soup of the urban environment in which they were living.

They are now keen to plant programmed pyrite to nearby pylons and mobile phone masts and to look at other ways of using crystals to positive environmental effect.

This is what Crystal Earthworks is all about - giving people the opportunity, education and empowerment to use crystals in an informed way to make a positive difference to their health and the health of others and to begin to heal our energy challenged planet.

Tumbled pocket sized amethyst suitable for personal use

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