Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Quick Note

I was talking to a fellow crystal planter today and they were kindly offering to promote the work of Crystal Earthworks in their area, saying that when they were feeling down, stuck or overwhelmed by world events, the simple act of planting crystals always made them feel so much better and that they were truly making a difference. Interestingly I had been writing along similar lines just before this conversation, for the book I am working on for the project.

This friend described the true beauty of crystal planting - empowerment to help heal our planet and those in need through the informed yet simple action of placing a crystal or crystals to the earth. It is easy to action, inexpensive, open to all and amazingly effective.

I feel truly blessed to have the gift of taking this work forward and send out my heartfelt thanks, to all those of you out there planting crystals, for the benefit of those in need and our beautiful yet increasingly challenged planet.

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